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The TASE Data Hub allows direct access to the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange’s databases. The system includes a variety of data products that are updated real-time, at the end of the trading day, and historical data. The various data products in the system allow local and foreign TASE customers flexibility, efficiency, control and better management of information about the Israeli capital market.

לפטופ עם אייקונים של גלגלי שיניים על הצג


Reliable information for back testing, strategy development, VAR and risk simulations.
ספרים עם חץ עכבר מחשב מעליהם


Historical data enables in-depth analysis of the Israeli capital market.
חלון אינטרנט עם גלגל שיניים


Better back-office management and control of operating entities and portfolio management.
אייקונים של גרפים

Analytical indices

Build a variety of analytical benchmarks that are contently updated.

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