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Thank you for your interest in the TASE Data Hub. On this page you can find answers to frequently asked questions about connecting to the API system. If you have not found an answer to your question, please contact the TASE data team via the contact us form below.

FAQs – Connecting to the TASE Data Hub

At this point, connection to the system is only possible through TASE’s business partners or through the data vendors. In the future it will be possible for all our clients to connect directly to TASE.

Yes. If you have no programming knowledge, we recommend contacting one of the our partners or data vendors who will be able make the data in the system available to you.

if you are not an authorized vendor, the customer’s billing agreement is with TASE business partners. In the future, when it will be possible to connect directly to the TASE, billing will also be done directly through TASE.

FAQs – Data Products in the TASE Data Hub

There is a wide range of products in the system, that are updated during the trading hours and at the end of the trading day, Israeli time. Following is a link to the TASE trading schedule

Historical databases vary between the different data products. You can find the history for each product in its product page.

Yes. The TASE is constantly working to promote new data products. We invite you to continue and visit the TASE data Hub website in order to stay updated and even suggest ideas for new data products that interest you.

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