Short Sales Balance- Current Data

Product Details:

This product presents short sales balances in the preceding week for all securities traded on the TASE. The product is updated once a week at the end of the trading day on Thursday and the data is published on Monday.
This product is for:
– Data vendors
– Financial websites
– Researchers
– Trading rooms

Monthly subscriber price

Up to 3 request for 4 weeks.
222.77 ILS Included VAT
50 USD (For Foreign clients)
1,113.84 ILS Included VAT
250 USD (For Foreign clients)

The data regarding short sales is obtained from TASE members. The data is not reviewed or audited by the TASE and is presented as submitted to the TASE by the members. The TASE does not guarantee that the data includes the short sales balances of all TASE members. In addition, the TASE does not guarantee that the data will always be up-to-date and will reflect all the data and fluctuation of short sales. The TASE is not responsible for any defect, error, error or inaccuracy, insofar as they appear in the presented data.

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Data Fields

The following interfaces can be found in the product:


In this product you can find short sales balances of all securities

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