TASE Announcements Feed (“MAYA”)

Product Details:

This Market Announcements feed enables quick and easy access to disclosures and announcements of TASE listed companies from the MAYA system. This product includes priority disclosures, Hebrew and English company reports (dual companies and companies that opted for English reporting), TASE notices, general assembly dates and expected dates of financial reports publication published on the MAYA website.
This product is for:
– Algo and major players traders whose trading strategy is based on quick response
– Economic press, information and trading systems for the capital market
– Researchers in the field of finance and corporations
– Operations entities for monitoring meeting dates and report publication dates

Monthly subscriber price

Up to 100 request for 4 weeks.
444.6 ILS Included VAT
100 USD (For Foreign clients)
891.54 ILS Included VAT
200 USD (For Foreign clients)

Data Fields

The following interfaces can be found in the product:


Updates on the site are ongoing and updated throughout trading hours.
Following is a link to the TASE trading schedule

Data in the product can be found starting from 2008.

The product includes the following data: priority disclosures, Hebrew and English company notices (dual listed companies and companies that for English reporting TASE notices, expected dates for financial statements and assemblies.

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