Smart money trends

Price List

The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange has designed packages to suit all requirements. For full historical data, please purchase the Platinum package.
The payment plan is monthly.


Up to 5 requests


Up to 70 requests
286.65 ILS including VAT
75 USD (For Foreign clients)


Up to 1200 requests
953.55 ILS including VAT
200 USD (For Foreign clients)


1908.27 ILS including VAT
500 USD (For Foreign clients)
  • Prices in ILS for Israeli residents and include VAT
  • USD prices without VAT and for residents outside of Israel Only

The distribution cost is 1000$ monthly and includes:

  • Daily movements only (without history)
  • TA-125 and Tel Bond-60 securities

The limited distribution cost is 250$ monthly and includes:

  • Daily movements only (without history)
  • TA-35 and Tel Bond-20 securities

This product presents aggregate daily and historical buying and selling volumes of institutional bodies (pension / insurance / provident funds), mutual funds (excluding ETFs),ETFs, portfolio managers, Prop accounts of TASE members and foreign residents in all traded securities.
With this data, you can learn about market trends and gain insights into the nature of the activity of some of the main players in all securities traded on the TASE. The data includes aggregate daily buy and sell movements in units and in monetary value

Benefits and Features

The Smart Money Trends product enables access to the aggregate financial movements of institutional investors and mutual funds in all securities traded on the TASE, with the aim of analyzing trends and investment opportunities. In the future, it will also be possible to view aggregate movements of all foreign residents in securities traded on the TASE.

The product is specifically designed for:

  1. Financial and capital market analysts
  2. Traders who are interested in understanding the factors that affect the trading of the securities
  3. Academic researchers 
  4. Public companies that want to monitor the transactions of institutional bodies and mutual funds in their securities.

Data Fields

The following interfaces can be found in the Smart Money Trends product:


The product is updated daily at 24:00 Israel time. The data is for the end of the trading day.
Following is a link to the TASE trading schedule
Data in the product can be found starting from 2018.
The product includes daily and historical end-of-day data of the securities traded in the TACT (Tel-Aviv Continuous Trading) system including: buying and selling in currency and units by institutional bodies and mutual funds.

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