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Price List

For full historical data, please purchase the Platinum package.The payment plan is monthly


Up to 100 requests


Up to 3 million requests
286.65 ILS including VAT
75 USD (For Foreign clients)


Up to 90 million requests
953.55 ILS including VAT
250 USD (For Foreign clients)


1908.27 ILS including VAT
500 USD (For Foreign clients)
  • Prices in ILS for Israeli residents and include VAT
  • USD prices without VAT and for residents outside of Israel Only

The Quotes EoD data product, presents all price levels of the Bid and Ask price published in the order book for all securities traded on the TASE. The price quotes are displayed for every one hundredth of a second. This product provides all end of trading day quotes and historical quotes data. On the basis of this data it is possible to develop a trading algorithm, perform research, create historical simulations, liquidity and depth metrics and examine transaction costs.

Advantages and Specifications

The Quotes EoD data product, displays all five price levels published in the order book throughout the trading day, at the end of the trading day. 

The product is specifically designed for the following users:

  1. Financial and capital market analysts
  2. Investment bodies
  3. Academic researchers 
  4. Trading rooms and back office

Data Fields

In the Quotes EoD product, you can find the following interface:


Product data is for the end of the trading day and is updated at 24:00 Israel time.
Following is a link to the TASE trading schedule
Data in the product can be found starting from 2015. For broader historical data, please contact the Data sales team at the contact box.
In the product you can find quotes for all five levels in the order book, for all securities traded on the TASE.

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